Online studio for integrated, compassion based yoga and yoga therapy

'We seek health, and got lost in cures'

The Bridge is the online studio for integrated, compassion based yoga and yoga therapy by Network Yoga Therapy. It facilitate space for sound and silence. For practices of embodied self-inquiry.

For storytelling, training and development. For friendship and care. Our core-values are compassion, empowerment and curiosity, for the like-valued — and all who care.

The Bridge is trauma informed and safe for everyone no matter what you believe in, who you love or what your practices are like. It connects us wisdom seekers, who are able to walk the paved and unpaved roads. Who can read through the lines. Who look at life and (mental-) health in a holistic way and through different angles with the yoga philosophy as the backbone.

The Bridge is a safe space where growth can happen, where we find our own truth that is echoed in our voices and habits.

Become a member for integration of what you've learned in your trainings of therapy. For personal interactions: we meet and practice weekly to explore your body and mind, find your calm while finding your own solutions in co-creation with mother earth.

What You Can Expect:


Human connection is at the core The Bridge

You are not alone. This membership was built with community in mind. It's easy to connect with each other in a private and safe platform, build for us. Weekly online yoga sessions and group meet-ups.

Sharing experiences and ideas in open-hearted conversations.

The reality of integrating yoga and (yoga) therapy in life is often circular, and interestingly messy. At The Bridge, we do not believe we need endless led-classes of yoga and meditation, instead, we believe that teaching you to practice yourself instead, is a much greater gift! We are not looking for followers, but we love to see leaders: self leaders. You'll be guided you on your path towards health recovery, personal exploration or simply peace , calm and balance. Sessions are live, in English and everyone can join. Replays are always available.

Every Monday 7PM (CEST), every Wednesday 10AM (CEST)

You are your own therapist. Be invited to connect and explore different topics on compassion based yoga therapy, integrated yoga philosophy and holistic (mental-) health with a multidisciplinary network of like minded.

Join the circles or other group therapy options that a couple of times per year. The next one starts June 9 and takes 8 weeks. During this w
eekly online gathering where we practice being our own therapist using yoga therapy and natural wisdom of the earth element: beneath our feed and within our bodies. Expect some theory with space to connect, question, share and a short (around 20-30 min) integration practice.

From June 9, on Wednesdays 15.30 AM (CEST) 8 times, exclusively for The Bridge members.

  • June 9 » Who Am I — Connect to our natural state of being
  • June 15 » Who Am I — Observing my patterns 
  • June 23 » Grounding in Safety — Through sound and movement
  • June 30 » Grounding in Safety — Through silence and stillness
  • July 7 » Embrace all my parts — Internal Family Systems explained
  • July 14 » Embrace all my parts — Internal Family Systems integrated
  • July 21 » Comfortable closing — Expressing my boundaries and needs
  • July 28 » Comfortable closing — The rituals that serve me on my path

What others say

Lana Donse,
The Netherlands

yoga teacher and psychologist

I have joined The Bridge and participated in the 8-week 'Be Your Own Therapist' program by Anneke Sips. It has been a super valuable time, which has contributed to my personal and professional development much more than I expected.

We've explored different themes that are the core experiences as a human being. Using the framework of the polyvagal theory, concepts from self-compassion, and yoga therapy, it has changed the way I relate to myself in a deeply healing way. 

Although this is a process that I’ve been working on for years, it feels like participating in this group has created a fundamental shift within me. Maybe for the first time in my life, I am in love with who I am becoming!

Thank you, Anneke and everyone in the group! I am stunned how we have built a super supportive community together. The Bridge feels to me like a space where we can share experiences in an open and safe way.

'You are not lost, you are here.'

Live online yoga sessions included

This is not the regular led-class but an invitation to investigate your body, breath and mind and embody the principles of yoga in practice during a guided session of compassionate self-inquiry, creating your own practices. Twice a week. Replays always available.

Weekly community meet-up

Join the 8-week circles, that are always connected to different themes, every season a different theme, connected to the online programs, and open to every member of The Bridge.

Discount on trainings, therapy, coaching and mentor sessions

Bring your practice, (self-) therapy or personal development to the next level quick with private sessions and high-level training programs.

Free community

Feel free and start (re-)shaping of your concepts, practices and ideas together with like minded in our uncensored community space that's open 24/7.

Don't worry, be happy

You can cancel at any time by sending a message:

Join us
€ 20,00 per month/ The Bridge (+tax)

cancel at any time

€ 198 per year/ The Bridge (+tax)

two months free, cancel at any time

"I joined this safe space for more personal interactions with Anneke and the others.'

I love to meet and practice with other care professionals, there are many in The Bridge!'

'I met really great people, all like-minded'

What others say

Celine Bal, Belgium

yoga teacher and sexologist

'I am own therapist because I have tools now, I developed enough stability and self-assurance to be able to continue. I would recommend to not letting money stop you from working on yourself. It is so much more important than a nice pair of jeans or a Christmas gift. Feeling good about yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.'

Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to get started?

You need a laptop, tablet or phone. Also a yoga mat, something that makes you comfortable sitting (for example a cushion) a notebook and a pen. That is all.

Who is the host?

Anneke (RN) will host the program. She founded Network Yoga Therapy in 2010 and The Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam and is a bridge-builder in the field of yoga therapy for mental health. She leads the Svastha yoga (therapy) programs in The Netherlands. She is a Yoga Teacher and Therapist (C-IAYT) who has been working in the field of psychiatry since 1998.

With her holistic and compassionate approach, she supports many clients in private sessions and group therapy. She is passionate about supporting clients and students integrating yoga in their life and work but a very passionate mother too. The biggest reason for her dedication in work, are the kids and their future on earth.

Do you offer refunds?

We have a flexible and customer-centric refund policy for the monthly and yearly membership. For monthly members, cancel anytime and your membership will end at the end of that monthly billing cycle.

For yearly memberships, we will prorate the amount you paid and refund you according to the remainder of the time left on your account. The private session, mentoring and group therapy option has no refunding. Please send us 
an email to end your subscription to the membership.

What kind of support do you offer?

Once you join the membership, you receive an email from our Soulful Support Aiganym who is there for technical support. This program is offering ideas for sustainable self-care and wellness. It’s not an alternative to formal healthcare services.

Can I join with a friend?

Yes, actually this is highly recommended. This is a great activity to do with your friends, partner or colleagues. If you are doing this, you will actually learn so much about the people in your life you care about!

And, all of you will know how to better care about each other as you move into the future, especially now you decided to reflect on yourself and start making changes and creating rituals for that! 
This will be really helpful and motivating.

We got lost.
We seek health, and got lost in cures.
We look for wholeness and ended up in pieces
Anneke Sips
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